Everybody’s different. And so are people’s financial situations - one size doesn’t fit all.

Individuals, couples, family trusts and estates present unique issues requiring a customised and flexible approach to investment. We take into account what’s important to you and ensure our advice is in tune with your personality. We enjoy the good relationships we have with our clients and always remember – it’s your money and it is personal.

With over 40 years combined experience providing investment advice for a variety of clients and personal needs.  Our investment advice is clear, concise and transparent. 

These are the things Totara Wealth stands for when working on your behalf.

  • Independence: We are a non-aligned independent advisory business. This means we can consider the full market of investments and choose the most suitable investments for you, without bias or incentive, as we don’t have in-house investment products.

  • Qualifications: We hold professional qualifications and maintain our knowledge and training through our Continuing Professional Development programme. This means you receive up to date advice and recommendations that are appropriate to you.

  • Research: Totara Wealth is a member firm of The Independent Adviser Alliance Limited (TIAA). This group consists of 5 other like-minded independent advisory firms throughout New Zealand. We come together regularly to share research, experience and knowledge on current investment topics.

  • Portfolio Modelling: A typical client requirement is to receive regular income from their capital to supplement NZ super and other sources income during retirement. We develop illustrate portfolio scenarios to help you understand how different withdrawal rates impact the longevity of your capital sum under different market scenarios.

  • Long-Term Approach: Your money needs to last for the rest of your lives. To look after capital our approach is to invest in a way that suits your long-term plans and provides well thought out diversification. This is achieved by holding a mix of different types of investment, across a range of industries and geographical locations.

  • Regular Reporting and Online Viewing Access



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