Totara Wealth Management takes shape

Meredith Cornelius, of Financial Strategies, and Richard Harden, of Richard Harden Investment Services, have been working together since the start of the year and formally merged their firms on August 1.

Richard Grimes, Richard Harden & Meredith Cornelius

Richard Grimes, Richard Harden & Meredith Cornelius

Totara Wealth brings together the expertise, skills and resources of the foundation businesses of Richard and Meredith and expand their capacity to offer financial planning, investment and UK Pension Transfer advice with the addition of partner adviser Richard Grimes.

Richard, Meredith and I share a strong belief in the value of independent financial advice that is personalised, transparent and robust. This means we can to consider the full market of investments and choose the most suitable investments for you without bias or incentive.
— Richard Grimes

Together, the Totara Wealth team have extensive experience in the areas of financial planning, investment portfolio construction and UK Pension transfers. All three advisers are qualified Authorised Financial Advisers (AFA's) and members of the Institute of Financial Advisers (IFA). Richard Harden and Meredith hold the globally-recognised Certified Financial Planner (CFPcm) mark, and Richard Grimes expects to receive his CFPcm status later this year.

What sort of people would benefit from Totara Wealth advice?

Our clients include a variety of people in different situations – we help those saving for retirement and those already in retirement needing investment income.  We also help those needing advice when things change – maybe after a relationship breakup, when receiving an inheritance or selling the family farm or business.
— Meredith Cornelius

We welcome you to make an appointment to talk over your situation.  Contact us on 03 548 9000 or or fill in our contact form.